Achema 2018

June 11 to 15, 2018
Frankfurt Main (Germany)

Hall 11.1 Stand E16
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Yokogawa at ACHEMA 2018

Be informed. Be inspired. Be there. Meet us at the world forum for the process industries.

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0. But so far, no-one has actually got there. And the path we must take is still unclear. We make the journey the destination – and analyze what is relevant and feasible for your plant and your production process in collaboration with you. Together we define your finishing line as well as all the individual steps, big or small, in-between.


Yokogawa Group

Synaptic Business Automation

The automation landscape in the global process industries is changing dramatically: operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) are merging into one.

Users are currently facing a number of questions: Will it affect me too? Do I need to take action? And above all, how exactly does digitalization add value in the process industries?

Yokogawa has the answer: “Synaptic Business Automation”.

We’d like to introduce this concept to you at ACHEMA.

Discover how you can optimize your production environment and make it more resilient. That way, you’ll be better equipped to respond flexibly to changes in the market.

Download the Synaptic Business Automation white paper today to get a first look:

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5 challenges. 5 solutions. ∞ expertise.

Modular automation for production control systems: Module Based Automation Engineering
Yokogawa’s Automation Design Suite (AD Suite) opened production control systems to the world of modular automation. AD Suite provides seamless support throughout a plant’s lifecycle – including all changes, expansions and modernizations after it has been put into operation. Would you like to learn more? Come visit us at our Stand E16 in Hall 11.1!

Process analytical technology enables optimized processes: Analyzer System Integration
You can only manufacture products efficiently, and in the specified quality, if you know exactly what’s going on in your system. Process analysis solutions are the method of choice here, and the initial investment is generally recovered much faster than for the plant itself. Yokogawa is your one-stop shop for analyzer systems. We plan and develop your analysis projects, then we get the whole thing up and running for you. What analysis project have you got in mind? Talk to us about it at ACHEMA!

360° security concept: Plant Security
Total plant protection can only be guaranteed if functional safety and cyber security engage with one another. A made-to-measure security concept allows you to operate specific safety integrity levels together with the security assurance level. Yokogawa has come up with a 360° network and system security concept for industrial production control systems. The security of your plant is checked and optimized on all levels based on continuous “plan-do-check-act” cycles. Are you curious to learn more? If so, feel free to contact us!

Batch-specific MES integrated in the process control system: CENTUM VP Batch
Batch processes in the design phase are very complex. They must be precisely documented and the automation requirements are high. That’s why standardization is a key aspect of any batch process, though usually at the expense of flexibility. Flexibility, in turn, is vital in order to respond promptly to market needs. So how can a complex process be simplified and made more flexible?
By integrating the batch system and the essential MES functionalities into the production control system. The benefits here are obvious: fewer interfaces, a leaner engineering approach and only one system throughout the operation and maintenance phase. Learn more about CENTUM VP Batch at our booth!

Bring big data to life: A data analysis in 5 phases
Data has a lot of potential: you can use it to identify trends, make predictions or react faster to situations and events. At the end of the day, data helps you reduce operational risks and improve business performance – though only if two basic conditions are met, namely valid data and a professional data analysis. Yokogawa applies an established data analysis methodology specifically for the process industry which is based on five phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. You can discover what this means in detail, and learn which methods, tools and data are used by Yokogawa, with the aid of various practical examples on show at our booth!

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6 topics in 6 minutes on 6 dates – one every day!

Are you interested in learning more about our core issues? Would you like to get a brief insight without further obligation? If so, then our 6-minute lectures are just right for you!

Thomas Schindler
Expert on modular automation

“Easy-to-integrate flexibility: Modular automation for production control systems”
Modular automation is rapidly gaining a foothold in process automation. Yes, we know that. But what’s the situation in practice? What “easy” options exist and what are the benefits? Thomas Schindler captures it for you in a nutshell: in just six minutes you can learn how modular automation can also gain a foothold in your production control system, with major cost-cutting potential for your project engineering, and experience AD Suite – our universal engineering environment – live.
Daily, 10 a.m. & 1 p.m., Hall 11.1, Stand E 16

Werner Worringen
Expert on integrated analytical solutions

„All from one supplier: Turnkey analytical solutions to meet your needs“
Using an analytical solution is quite different from creating an analytical solution. One is daily business while the other is only relevant once every few years, if that. Then, when the time finally comes, your know-how may no longer be up to date and you haven’t got the necessary resources. What’s more, analytical solutions often map extremely complex systems. Specialist knowledge and integration expertise are vital here. What advanced analysis options are available? How can you migrate a new analyzer system to an existing construct? If these questions sound familiar to you, why not visit our 6-minute lecture? Werner Worringen will provide you with an insight into analytical solutions of all sizes implemented so far and explain the options that are open to you with Yokogawa as your partner.
Daily, 10:30 a.m. & 1:30 p.m., Hall 11.1, Stand E 16

Fatma Evren
Expert on plant security

„Big Brother is watching it: 360° security for any process plant“
In the past, functional safety and cyber security have tended to be considered separately from one another. We break with that tradition. After all, the digital transformation is progressing in leaps and bounds, with opportunities and risks that increasingly force these twin aspects – safety and security – to engage with one other. If they don’t, then vulnerabilities are the likely outcome – with consequences that could be fatal. That’s why Yokogawa pursues a “defense-in-depth” strategy. You can learn exactly what that involves and discover what potential plant security can unlock for your company in the 6-minute lecture by Fatma Evren.
Daily, 11 a.m. & 2 p.m., Hall 11.1, Stand E 16

Ananth Antony
Expert on batch solutions

„2 become 1: MES & the control system integrated in a batch process“
How do you embrace multidisciplinary solutions in the design phase? Is seamless interoperability possible while the systems are operating? And is there an easy way to incorporate changes, and simultaneously lessen their impact, throughout your plant’s lifecycle? Our expert, Ananth Antony, will show you how to integrate the batch system and the MES into the process control system, and where the benefits lie!
Daily, 12:30 p.m. & 3:30 p.m., Hall 11.1, Stand E 16

Silke Müller
Expert on data analysis

„An end to data graveyards: How to get the most out of your data“
Data analytics is popular nowadays, especially in the finance and retail industries. In the meantime, many people believe that data analysis is a do-or-die requirement in modern business. There has been an explosion in the volume, velocity and variety of data in the process industry. The outcome: huge data graveyards. Untapped data full of wasted potential. Which data should definitely be analyzed? What form should a professional data analysis take? And what can Yokogawa do to help? Answers to all of these questions and more will be provided by our expert, Silke Müller, in 6 minutes flat. Come along and see for yourself!
Daily, 11:30 a.m. & 2:30 p.m., Hall 11.1, Stand E 16

Tim-Peter Henrichs
Marketing Manager Europe (Chemical Industry)

„Let’s synapse it: Finding the way to the digital transformation in the process industry“
Synapses are junctions between nerve cells. They transmit and control signals from the brain to the rest of the body. Muscles, senses and glands would be unable to work without them. They’re essential to enable human beings to respond spontaneously to changes and learn how to interpret new situations. And it’s just the same for companies. If business units and structures don’t engage with one another, processes will no longer work efficiently, if at all.
The digital transformation enables companies to link units and structures together in ways that were previously impossible. They can make business processes more flexible, more efficient, more diverse and hence more competitive. The question is simply how and what?
Synaptic Business Automation is Yokogawa’s strategy for implementing the digital transformation in a manner that adds value for customers. The opportunities and risks of digitalization are analyzed, structured and continuously optimized on all corporate levels. The aim of “Synaptic Business Automation” is to interconnect data, systems, know-how and supply chains company-wide. Individual business units can work together more effectively as components are integrated quickly, easily and directly across all corporate units. Learn the basics of Synaptic Business Automation in a 6-minute-lecture by Tim-Peter Henrichs!
Daily, 12 noon & 3 p.m., Hall 11.1, Stand E 16

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